Who Am I?

My name is Timothy Brock, I am the creator of the Forex Trading Strategy Keep It Super Simple FX.

I have been trading since 2007. As most of you know, trading professionally can be the most frustrating thing you will ever face in your life.

Forex Trading Strategy

I have spent years, countess hours, and thousands of dollars on learning and perfecting a system that works.

After owning 2 businesses in the DC area and retiring from them to trade full time in 2013, I stripped down everything I was taught over the years and developed the only strategy I now use, the Keep It Super Simple Trading strategy.

This is a long term swing style trading strategy.
I trade 2 time frames.
The Monthly TF and the 4HR TF.
I keep different accounts for each style.
My trades may last more than a month on the 4HR, and I may only take 1 to 2 trades per month.
My Monthly TF trades may last more than 6 months.
So if you like the shorter Time Frames then Id suggest the 4HR.

trade wrap up videos

I’ve always used screen shots taken before and after as a part of how I archive my trades, but only just recently in September of 2016 have I started implementing video to record and archive entry and exit trades.

Check out the Trade Wrap Up Videos section so you can see my entries and exits examples for trades I take. HERE


I will also be posting all my trade entry signals to www.TradeSignalsMasterMind.com  Powered by Collective 2 as of 1/2/2017. I will be offering 30 days FREE trade signals. If you are interested in following, just FOLLOW MY SIGNALS HERE and if you no longer wish to receive signals just cancel, it will expire. If you would like to continue you will need to subscribe for the paid service.