What is the KISS FX Trade Strategy?

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KISS FX Trade Strategy, and how it was created.

Course after course, book after book, and then being personally mentored, I came to the conclusion that stripping down everything I learned and using long term time frames and very basic price action was the only way I made steady gains in Forex. This was how the KISS FX Trade Strategy was born.

I use techniques that are unique to me and my gains are steady using this system.

I didn’t invent the techniques, however the combination in which I apply them are my own and thus the process is what I call KISS FX trading.

This is a long term swing style trade strategy, so trades may be less often but with larger moves in mind. I may only take 1 to 2 trades all month.

This process has had a historical return of approx. 80% on a 12 month time-frame.

I cannot guarantee future results however this system has been a tried and true system for years now.


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